Monday, September 15, 2014

Unpopular geek opinions

One of my "go to" geek sites is Like most of the Gawker media world, they do spend a lot of time railing against the Patriarchy which can get a little tiresome, but the good outweighs the bad most of the time. One of the things I like is when they pose questions to their readers about their tastes in geek entertainment. The latest asks what unpopular opinions do you have about geek culture. It's an interesting question and one sure to elicit strong opinions, so I put it to our readers. What things do you like in geek entertainment that are unpopular?

I will start:

1. I don't hate Michael Bay. There, I said it. I recognize he is no Stanley Kubrick or even Steven Spielberg, but he's no worse than George Lucas. Nobody in the business, with the possible exception of James Cameron, is as adept at FX as Michael Bay.

2. I never got into Doctor Who. I first watched it in the Tom Baker era and stuck with it for awhile mainly because there wasn't much else to watch. Now, just not interested.

3. I think the Cthulhu Mythos is very cool, but I think Lovecraft's writing is weak and dull. Other writers did a far better job bringing the Mythos to life than HPL ever did.

Note, these are just my opinions, your mileage may vary. Anyone else?



Obiri said...

I don't hate Michael Bay, I just think most of his movies are terrible. The first transformers was only decent for Megan Fox - which shows how bad it was. The second one was so bad I've purged it from memory and I've stayed away from the rest.
I love the Doctor Who theme but never cared for the show.

Rognar said...

I don't even hate the Transformers movies. They are stupid, but everything about the Transformers is stupid. There are lots of explosions and other cool effects and the acting/dialogue is no worse than the Star Wars prequels.

Obiri said...

Nostalgia protects Star Wars and Transformers (the original series).

Back to your original topic, I bought a giant book of the old serialized Conan stories and it is pretty awful. I've read some of Howard's novellas and they are ok, but I didn't get very far through the serial stuff before I just could not continue.

Unknown said...

I share your opinion of Lovecraft. Robert E. Howard was the far superior author; Lovecraft's mythos is great, but other authors have done it more justice than Lovecraft ever did.

Same with Tolkien. Great setting. awful writing.

1) Don't care about Star Wars. At all. i couldn't tell that "Episode I" was bad, because i thought it was ALL bad. Still, Empire Strikes back is the best of the generally awful bunch, so, I guess I'm not totally off-kilter.

2) In a similar vein, I love Star Trek: Voyager. And I love it ironically. it's not the BEST, but it's not even remotely awful, either.

3) I find nothing appealing about conventions of any sort. Particularly Brony conventions. I say this as a Brony too, I have nothing but an avoidance reflex when I think of attending a convention with my fellow geeks.

4 (bonus!)) The only gamign console I own is a backgammon board.