Monday, May 12, 2014

Way of the Wicked 18

Back to back gaming weeks - always fun if the wives are OK with it.

This week started off with the players deciding to rescue Chargammon's son Jaratheon who had been captured by the Lord of the Eagles. Cardinal Thorn had commanded the 9th Knot to convince Chargammon, an ancient great wyrm black dragon, to attack the King's palace and threaten his daughter, the princess Belinda. Rescuing Jaratheon seemed like a good way to get in the dragons good graces so off they went.
The PCs had the good fortune to discover the Lord of Eagles was out hunting so they teleported into his lair while he was away. They still had to deal with 8 of his minions but they prevailed pretty easily and rescued the dragon. They did their best to extract a promise from Jaratheon to attack the Adarium (King's palace) for them but the dragon went home to dad first to heal up. The PCs went after him only to discover belatedly where they actually were. They parlayed with mighty Chargammon who was curious why these lesser beings would bother to rescue his son and agreed to attack their foes in exchange for the PCs dealing with his foes.

The target was one ancient Copper dragon named Eirmanthus who lived only a few hundred miles away. He lives on his island with his 3 non-dragon girlfriends (concubine-whores in the words of Chargammon). The PCs resupplied and then invaded the island. They were intercepted by a flock of 6 crystaline gargoyles who insisted that they meet the master. Since the PCs wished to meet and slay the dragon anyway they went along with them peacefully.

The PCs chatted a bit with the dragon before one of them got tired of talking and attacked. The six Gargoyles immediately began to defend their master and the dragon called for reinforcements. The next round the three girlfriends teleported in and took turns healing the dragon and blasting the PCs. The PCs quickly realized they were not only out numbered 2-1 (although they did manage to kill a few of the gargoyles), but out gunned as well as the dragon began blasting with his breath weapon while the ladies were unloading some high level magic. A decision to retreat was made as one of the PC clerics went down.

The PCs escaped to fight another day and I assume they\ll return to a much better defended island but one where they don't have to fight most of the defenders at once - at least if they are clever about it.

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