Sunday, August 25, 2013

A day at the range

My buddy J and I have a minor obsession for all things WWII. We used to be hardcore Axis & Allies Miniatures players until circumstances prevented our lunch hour skirmishes. Just as well I suppose, he usually seemed to find a way to win. Anyway, we also like guns, especially WWII-era combat rifles. This weekend, we took our rifles out to the range and fired off a few boxes of cartridges. We brought along another buddy, E, who had almost no previous firearms experience. However, years of first-person shooters have served him well as he handled himself admirably. Here are some pics:

My two Lee-Enfields, a No.4 and a No.5 "jungle carbine"

Here is J firing the carbine

J has a M-1 Garand bored for 7.62mm. Here is E firing it. Notice the ejected shell casing near the top of the picture

Finally, here is yours truly having a go with the M-1

Good times.



Derobane-bane said...

The semi-auto features of the garande certainly gave a more rapid, accurate stream of fire, at least for an untrained novice like me. Still, I would prefer to sling a No. 4 because of the smooth action, large magazine and lighter weight. I found the garande and the Enfeild both very, very accurate, considering both rifles were over 60 years old.

Good times, indeed, Rog.

Rognar said...

Gotta say, I have a nice bruise on my shoulder. Small price to pay.