Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Wheel of Time

And so my epic odyssey begins. I am going to read the entire Wheel of Time series from beginning to the very end. All 15,000 or so pages of it. At my standard reading pace I should be finished by the end of April which is perfect since the last book is due out in April sometime.

I know what I'm doing this winter.


Rognar said...

Good luck with that. I hit the wall about halfway through The Great Hunt. My biggest problem, I couldn't find any characters I could relate to. I usually need a male hero to get behind in order to really immerse myself in a story and the only interesting characters in that series are women. The men were either incompetent hayseeds, villains or they're wearing a collar with some boss lady holding the leash.

Obiri said...

That's interesting. I really enjoy the first 3 books but I think books 4 and 5 shine the brightest. After that the plot gets to big for its on good and the over all progress in each book slows to a crawl.