Monday, August 08, 2011

Summer Reading

I am going on vacation next week. Not a vacation I am especially looking forward to although I'm sure it will have some enjoyable moments. I am expecting lots of down time when I am not chasing children trying to prevent their early demise. Since I will be computer free it will be a chance to catch on my reading. In the last few months I've reread the entire Song of Ice and Fire series. At long last the final book of the Wheel of Time series is out in April 2012 and I figure it will take at least 6-7 months to reread the entire series before I pick up the final book. I have until October or so until I begin that odyssey and so I have a few months to fill.

There are tons of influential books that I've never read so why not fill my vacation with them. I'll be reading them on my iPhone which is not the ideal media I'm quite used to it now and people can't snoop at my reading materials. First up is Elric. I started last night and I'm already over half way through Elric of Melnibone. It's a pretty easy read compared to Martin.

When I tire of Elric, Zelazny's Chronicle's of Amber will follow. Beyond that, I have no idea. Those two series alone could keep me going for a long time if I read them all.


Rognar said...

What a coincidence! I just picked up a whole bunch of Elric rpg products, old Chaosium pdfs of the old Stormbringer game and the hardcover of the Mongoose RQII edition of Elric of Melnibone. It's got me interested in rereading the books.

Obiri said...

If you have a Kindle I can share.

Obiri said...

Or use the Kindle app on your iPad.

Rognar said...

If you mean share the rpg files, sure no problem. If you mean share the books, no need. I have them all already in dead tree format.