Monday, July 04, 2011

New Pathfinder books announced

Not surprisingly, the next hardcover Pathfinder rulebook to be released after Ultimate Combat will be another bestiary. More interesting is what Paizo just announced will follow, the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide. I am particularly stoked about the inclusion of monster races as PCs. Complete rules for playing drow, tieflings, goblins, etc. will be a much needed addition to the game. Too bad it's ten months away.



Obiri said...

The races book isn't doing it for me. I will probably skip that one. I'm looking forward to Ultimate Combat, again not so much the Bestiary. IMO, there is such a thing as too many monsters.

Rognar said...

My interest in the Bestiary 3 will depend on the Lovecraft content.

But the Advanced Race Guide is something I've been wanting for awhile. I like the inclusion of rules for creating monster races (which will be available for playtest in the fall). If it lives up to the promise of being Savage Species for Pathfinder, I will be a happy guy.

Obiri said...

From what I've read, I thought they specifically excluded rules for playing as monster races (aside from the ones that are already listed as being playable that is).
So rules for playing drow and gillman - yes. Rules for playing Succubis and Aboleths - no.

Rognar said...

Except, if you read the announcement, there's this:

"Lastly, the Advanced Race Guide includes an extensive section that allows players and GMs to build their own custom races, either to emulate more powerful creatures that already exist in the game or to create wholly original characters unique to their campaign. This section will be the focus of Paizo’s next major Open Playtest effort, which will kick off in late fall 2011."

Obiri said...

you are right that does look promising.