Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ultimate Magic

As subscribers start to get their PDFs, the spoilers are going up on the Paizo message board just as they did with the APG. It will be at least a week before our FLGS gets a copy so I have to get by on spoilers until then.

I am eagerly looking forward to this book for a couple reasons. My summoner character in our current Kingmaker game is level 16 and probably will only a gain another level maybe 2 before its over. My eidolon has pretty much maxed out its awesomeness and each level there is only a small list of evolutions worth considering adding. I'm hoping to see one or two that I can slap on before the big boss fight art the end of the campaign (although the last few sessions seem to be mainly big boss fights and we kill off the greater henchmen and minions).

The biggest reason I'm looking forward to this book is to redeem clerics and druids. In 3.5 these were two of the strongest classes but each has been hit rather hard with the nerf bat in Pathfinder. The druid now has to focus on either casting of shape shifting both of which are now weaker then they were in 3.5 when the druid could do both.

The cleric has great high level spells but the low level ones that are not buffs largely suck. Even some of the best cleric buffs have been nerfed. The default way to play a cleric is as a support character. I find support characters boring. To me the most fun part of the game is rolling the dice and support characters don't have to do that. Your fellow PCs are not going to try to dodge or save against your buffs or blocks your heals with Spell Resistance. The problem is with the current spell list its hard to play any other way until late in the game. Low level debuffs are terrible compared to a wizard, and clerics lack any other meaningful offensive spells. You can try to play as a battle cleric but to be offensive you need to buff yourself for a couple rounds since all of your good buffs have a really short duration. By the time the battle cleric is ready to party, the ranger has kissed all the women and the barbarian drunk all of the booze. The options a battle cleric had to buff in 3.5 are not available in Pathfinder. The only option is Quicken Spell and its not until level 15 or 17 that you can quicken the best buffs like Divine Power and Righteous Might. What I'm hoping to see is an expanded spell list for clerics that give them options to be anything other then healer/buffer.

The druid doesn't have it quite so bad (ie boring) but its spell list could use some jazzing up as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Magus. This sort of character which is a blend of sword and sorcery seems right up my alley but we'll have to see how it is implemented. The version in the Beta was ok but needed a stronger spell list for me to want to play it.


Sean said...

I am currently playing a magus in Carrion Crown, and the addition of Disrupt undead as a 0 level spell is a godsend :)

Obiri said...

Thanks for the link. I didn't realize how much of UM was already visible.

Rognar said...

Good to see your post rematerialized. However, it looks like your comments are lost in the ether.

Obiri said...

I was wondering if they were going to restore those as well. Guess not.