Friday, February 04, 2011

Wildfire and Mongoose, a match made in Hell

Why is it that Wildfire and Mongoose simply cannot work together to produce a worthwhile product? Mongoose, as you may recall, was the original publisher of CthulhuTech, Wildfire's signature property. I had the misfortune of buying the original core book from Mongoose. It fell to pieces in under 24 hours. I was able to get a sturdier replacement, but it was not long before the Wildfire-Mongoose collaboration fell apart and Wildfire jumped over to Catalyst Game Labs (an even bigger disaster, Cthulhu clearly hates this game). Anyway, when Wildfire came up with its second rpg property, Chthonian Stars, they decided to renew old acquaintances with Mongoose. The game was originally going to be released in Q4 2010. It got pushed back to Q2 2011. Now it appears it won't be released at all, at least not as a dead tree Mongoose product (see here and here). Hopefully, Chthonian Stars will still see the light of day, but it won't be from Mongoose.


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