Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What kind of group do you play with?

Yesterday, I was reading about Christian's ongoing attrition problem at Destination Unknown. I certainly can relate to his problem, we've all been there. But what really struck me was how different a group of players he has/had as compared to our little band of brothers. The players Christian lost from his group include two actors and two screenwriters. Can you imagine a more different collection of folks than our group? Ok, maybe the "Playing D&D with Porn Stars" group. Still, look at us, computer geeks, geoscientists and a teacher compared to a bunch of artsy Hollywood types. One can only imagine how different the style of play must be. I suppose Christian's players are probably a lot more comfortable with the role-playing aspects of the game. It is, after all, what actors do. We science-and-technology types are far more at ease with numbers and machines. I guess that's why we like rules-heavy games with a lot of chargen options. Perhaps it's not surprising that our teacher is the most enthusiastic role-player of the group.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Our "core" group consists of a medical claims specialist, an administrator for an internationally known not for profit organization, an IT specialist who is also an MMA fighter and has gone back to college for his law degree, a guy who works in the roleplaying industry itself, a help desk specialist for teachers dealing with education based software, a collections agent for a nationally known (or feared, heh) company, my son, who is a gifted multiple-musician, and myself, the only non-employed member (I'm the DM). I've been unable to work for a few years due to some pretty severe health issues. So there ya have it!