Monday, September 13, 2010

A query of gaming preferences

I know that most of my readers mainly play some incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons, be it D&D 3.x/Pathfinder, some form of "old-school" D&D or, dare I speak the name, D&D 4e. I'm guessing most of you play your edition of D&D because it is your favourite tabletop rpg, although the availability of players may also be a factor. I am curious, though, what is your second favourite role-playing game or do you even have one? I know it may be difficult to decide. I have gone through periods when Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Star Frontiers, GURPS and various Star Wars-based rpgs have held that vaunted second spot. I think the recent Mongoose reboot of Traveller and the subsequent expansion of the game to other settings may make that game my no.2 right now. What about you guys?



Tayloritos said...

I enjoy Pathfinder and 3.5e. I have played Savage Worlds (Super Heroes) with the kids and found that good too.

I would like to try Traveller in a game with an Aliens feel.

Rognar said...

I didn't know you played Savage Worlds. How do you like it? I have taken a look at it before, but found all the "Texas Hold'em"-inspired jargon to be a bit offputting.

Tayloritos said...

SW is easy to learn and worked well with supers. We used the Necessary Evil book to build the super heroes and played through part of the campaign in the back of the book. I had the kids play good guys because they already have enough trouble being nice. We used 3.5e initiative because adding cards did not seem wise.

I have Necessary Evil and Shaintar books and have to make will saves not to pick up any more.

I don't know that it is any better then Pathfinder. I have not suggested it to our group because we seem to be in a groove with the adventure paths.

Rognar said...

I first took notice of SW when The Day After Ragnarok caught my eye. I don't think my interest is high enough in DAR to invest in Savage Worlds, especially since most of Pinnacle's own campaign settings like Deadlands and Slipstream don't really jump out at me. I do like Weird Wars, but since I already have most of the Weird War II books for d20, I can't see much point in getting the same stuff for SW.

Having said all that, I'm always up for trying something new.

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Traveller would be my second favorite game. Original traveller, mind.

Obiri said...

I still have a soft spot in my heart for Palladium's stuff. I played TMNT/Hero's Unlimited for years before Rifts came out.

Balance is never considered in the system but in terms of shear fun it can be hard to beat.

Rognar said...

Paladin - I admit, I never played original Traveller, but I did play MegaTraveller a lot back in the 80s. The current Mongoose version of Traveller is not greatly different from MegaTraveller. Combat is a little bit more survivable since characters have more hit points and weapon damage is variable, rather than a fixed number. Also, characters tend to start off with a few more 0-level skills, but some of the other innovations like point-buy chargen are optional. I would say Mongoose Traveller is more similar to MegaTraveller (and probably original Traveller) than OD&D is to BECMI D&D.

Obiri, I too enjoy Palladium (and by Palladium, I mean Rifts), although I did note in Rifts that a character is only as good as his equipment. Once the MDC armour is gone, you're toast. I was never a huge fan of that "feature".

Anonymous said...

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