Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pathfinder - Advanced Players Guide

Well I finally got my hands on a copy after drooling over the leaked bits for weeks.
I had a pretty good feel for most of the new classes from the free preview so it will take a while for me to go through the minor tweaks to see what they mean.

The optional alterations to the original classes are interesting. They are very similar to the class kits back form the 2E days. I was a bit disappointed with the rogue ones but the bard,monk (zen archer - woot!) and fighter had some really interesting ones.

There's some good feats too. An alchemy feat that leads to making cheap potions, and one that allows rogues another opportunity to do sneak attacks from range.

I'm only half way through the book (its so good, I'm actually not playing starcraft!) so it remains to be seen what other treasures lurk in the pages!


Rognar said...

Just picked it up. No love for clerics at all (except for one spell I quite like). I think the Pathfinder guys are under the false impression that clerics don't suck. I guess they never play them.

Obiri said...

yeah. a few neat subdomains but I wasn't feeling the cleric love either. They could be uber in 3.5 with the right splat books but they got nerfed a bit hard in pathfinder. good healers but not much else.