Friday, February 19, 2010

Psycho-killer, qu'est que c'est?

So apparently this homicidal prof down in Alabama was into D&D and maybe even LARPing! Whatever. If LARPing is going to make someone flip out and shoot up the place, it's time we started taking a hard look at these guys, Redneck LARPers:

After all, their weapons are real.



Obiri said...

I've always wanted a working musket. I don't recall the exact name, but its the one the East India company used.

Rognar said...

Do you mean the Brown Bess? I believe the East India Company designed a version of it, but it was used widely by the British army.

Obiri said...

That rings a bell but I'd have to look it up again. its been a while.

Jay said...

Yeah, I think that lady had far worse issues than losing herself in D&D (which I don't buy at all). It's just sensationalist crap to sell news and push the eye-balls on internets count up!